My Accounts

Does my SurveyPlanet account expire?

Your free SurveyPlanet account will never expire - you’ll always be able to log in to your account. However, inactive surveys -- surveys that haven’t been taken in over a year -- will be deleted. If you’re a SurveyPlanet Pro user, your account will never expire, and your surveys and their results will never be deleted.

How much does a SurveyPlanet account cost?

A free SurveyPlanet account is just that - 100% absolutely free. Of course, if you really feel like showing some appreciation, you can Like us on Facebook or tweet about us! A SurveyPlanet Pro account costs $20/month if you purchase a month-to-month plan; the annual plan costs $180 for a full year of SurveyPlanet Pro access -- that’s just $15 a month!

Do I have access to all SurveyPlanet features with my free account?

With a free SurveyPlanet account, you’ve got access to all sorts of great features, including unlimited surveys, unlimited questions per survey, unlimited survey responses, and survey sharing through social media. But, you don’t have access to all of our features - that’s reserved for our SurveyPlanet Pro users. Here are the extra features that they get to use:

  • Export survey results as CSV files.
  • Add branding or other images to their surveys’ opening and closing screens.
  • Replace SurveyPlanet logos in survey with custom logos.
  • Add images to survey questions.
  • Add special formatting to survey questions.
  • Additional design themes for surveys.
  • Create and save custom design themes for surveys.
  • Surveys and their responses will never be deleted.

Can I use Facebook to log in to SurveyPlanet? What about Twitter or Google+?

Yes, you can sign up for SurveyPlanet through Facebook Connect, your Twitter account, your Google+ account, or with your email address. All four options work just fine!

Help - I’ve forgotten my SurveyPlanet password! What do I do now?

Panic! No, just kidding. If you signed up using your email address, click the Login button at the top or the bottom of this page. Then, click the "Forgot your password?" option. If you created your account using Facebook Connect, you can reset your Facebook password here. If you used your Twitter account to sign up for SurveyPlanet, you can reset your Twitter password here. Finally, if you signed up with your Google+ credentials, you can reset your Google+ password here.

Designing My Survey

What if I’ve never created an online survey before?

SurveyPlanet makes it simple to create online surveys - even if it’s your very first time! You can see your survey as you create it, there’s a robust help section if you have questions, and you can even use one of our pre-written survey templates as a starting point for your own great survey.

Does SurveyPlanet include pre-written surveys?

SurveyPlanet includes over 90 pre-written survey templates, with topics ranging from customer feedback to the upcoming zombie apocalypse. You can share survey templates exactly as they’re written, or edit them to add your own great questions.

How many questions can each survey have?

Each of your surveys can have an unlimited number of questions. Generally speaking, survey takers’ attention spans tend to decline after twenty or so questions.

How many free surveys can I create?

You can create as many free surveys as there are stars in the sky. In 2003, Australian astronomers calculated that there are 70,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the known universe - so you’d better stop reading this and get to work on those survey questions!

How do I make my surveys eye-catching?

We think SurveyPlanet’s online surveys look pretty great already, but here are some ways to make them look even better. Free SurveyPlanet users can choose between ten colorful survey themes; SurveyPlanet Pro users have access to even more themes and can even create and save their own custom themes. SurveyPlanet Pro users can also add images to their survey questions and survey opening and closing pages.

Can I preview my surveys as I create them?

You sure can! As you type each question, you’ll see it previewed in real time in SurveyPlanet’s right panel. You can also preview your full survey in a new browser window. Either way, you’ll know exactly what your survey will look like for anybody that takes it.

What sorts of questions can I ask?

SurveyPlanet currently offers nine question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • True / False
  • Scale
  • Rating
  • Range
  • Form
  • Date/Time
  • Essay
  • Scoring

How long will my surveys be available on SurveyPlanet?

If you’re a SurveyPlanet Pro user, we’ll store your online surveys on SurveyPlanet’s secure servers (say that three times fast!) for as long as you keep your SurveyPlanet account. If you’re a free SurveyPlanet user, we’ll store your surveys and their results until they’ve been inactive for over a year, at which time they’ll be deleted.

Sharing My Survey

Who can take my survey online?

Anybody! If you share the direct link to your survey, anybody that receives that link will be able to take your survey. Similarly, if you share your survey on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, anybody that sees it there will be able to take it.

How many people can take each free survey that I create?

There are roughly seven billion people on Earth. If all seven billion of them see your direct link, your tweet, or your Facebook post and then decide to take your survey -- that’s awesome, and we’re totally cool with it!

Can I share my survey on Facebook? What about Twitter or Google+?

Yes, yes, and yes. When you finish creating your survey, you can automatically post it on Facebook or Google+, or tweet it on Twitter. SurveyPlanet’s on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ also - feel free to Like us, follow us, or, well, follow us!

Can I share my survey via email?

Sure! You can always copy the direct link to your survey and email it to your friends or co-workers.

Can I embed a SurveyPlanet survey on my own site?

We’ve made it super easy to embed your surveys. When you’re ready to share your survey, open the Sharing Options panel and select the ‘Embed’ tab. Then, copy the HTML code and add it to your own site.If you want to be extra spiffy, consider upgrading to a SurveyPlanet Pro account -- this will let you replace the SurveyPlanet logos in your embedded surveys with your own company’s logo.

What if I want to stop sharing my survey online?

That’s fine - you can stop sharing your surveys for as long as you want. If you decide that you’d like to start sharing a survey again, just re-activate it. Remember, though, that if you’re a free SurveyPlanet user, surveys that haven’t been taken in over a year, and their responses, will be deleted.

Reviewing My Survey Results

Can I see who’s taken my online survey?

Yes, but you’ll need to do these two things to your survey: To see the survey taker’s email address, go to your survey’s Information panel in the left column and set the ‘Email Required’ option to ‘Required.’ To see the survey taker’s name, add a form question to your survey that asks the survey taker to enter his or her name.

When can I see my survey results?

You’ll be able to see the results of your survey just as soon as the first survey taker submits their answers. Go to your list of surveys, then click the ‘View Results’ icon to the right of the survey name - that’s the icon that looks like a chart.

Can I see all of my free survey results?

Of course! No matter whether ten, one hundred, or 229,876,193 people take your free survey, we’ll show you all of their answers. After all, SurveyPlanet is where the answers live!

What types of reporting does SurveyPlanet offer?

SurveyPlanet offers five different reporting options for your survey results:

In the Survey Summary view, each question of your survey is shown, along with its aggregate or most recent answers. The Question Summary view shows the aggregate or most recent answers for a single question, while the Question Detail view shows all answers to a single question.

The Survey Participants view lets you see everybody that has taken your survey so far, and their answers to your survey. You can sort participants by their name, how they found out about your survey (direct link, Facebook, or Twitter), or when they took your survey. The Participant Detail view lets you review the results of a single participant.

Can I export my survey results?

SurveyPlanet Pro users are able to export their survey results as Excel-compatible CSV files.While in your survey’s question list, select ‘Results’ in the left column. Then, click the ‘Export Results’ button at the top right corner of the right column.


Is my privacy safe on SurveyPlanet?

Whether you're creating or taking SurveyPlanet surveys, we promise that we'll never sell, disclose, or otherwise distribute any of your personal information or your survey data. Our privacy policy explains everything in very detailed legalese; the most important takeaway is that your information belongs to you and we fully respect that. Additionally, SurveyPlanet is certified as a trusted site by DigiCert and every single HTTP request is made through a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

How is SurveyPlanet able to offer so many free features?

This may seem like a humblebrag, but we really have received emails asking us about this. With the costs of bandwidth and server space at an all-time low, we decided to build a really solid free survey application. Our developers and clients keep coming up with great ideas, so we also offer a premium version - SurveyPlanet Pro - that includes awesome tools like CSV exporting and custom theme creation.

What browsers does SurveyPlanet support?

SurveyPlanet uses some of the newest Web technologies, which many older browsers do not support. Here are our recommended browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • FireFox 21+
  • Chrome 23+
  • Safari 6+
  • Opera 12.10+
  • IOS Safari 7+
  • Android Browser 3+