Question Images & Custom Formatting

Create Great Looking Questions That Communicate Better with Survey Respondents

Needless to say, images completely change the way questions—and therefore surveys overall—look. Using images in question titles will contribute to your branding and make your surveys more engaging, while good formatting will produce a cleaner look and help convey a clearer message.

Question Images

Good communication strategies are key to respondents having a proper understanding of a question. There really is no better methodology than following up your question with an image or infographic. This allows you to ask your participants questions that relate to the image they actually see.

Another reason to use images in the title of a question is for branding purposes. You can supplement custom themes with pictures and utilize your survey as an additional marketing tool. Make your survey part of your branding kit!

Custom Formatting

Formatting is a valuable tool. It is often not realized how important it is until it’s too late. Good formatting and graphic design allow for tidier text and a varied look and feel for a survey. Formatting decisions can present text or questions more clearly, including making lists and other text in bold and/or italic for better clarity. This helps emphasize the most important parts of questions, improving the information you receive from participants.

Understanding formatting options also allows for the insertion of weblinks and audio/video into questions. You can embed a YouTube video or an audio button to present participants with precise content before they proceed to answer a question. Check out How to Add Video and Audio to Your Online Surveys to read more about adding audio and video to surveys.

Good formatting and quality images improve the look and feel of surveys, helping participants engage more fully with your survey.

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