Welcome and Success Images

Brand your survey by adding images in your Welcome and Success screens.

Welcome and Success messages are one of the best way to communicate your brand on your survey. With SurveyPlanet, you can add another layer of customization to a survey by implementing images—before it starts or at the end when the submit button is clicked.

Five things you can do with Welcome and Success images

There are a few things you can do with Welcome and Success images:

  • Use your logo- Spamming your logo can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you have already used it as the logo image [logo settings]. However, if you have a couple of different types and sizes of the image, you can play with it and see how it looks in the preview tab of your survey editor.
  • Place your graphics- Using graphics from your website, store, or social media page can be a great way to implement branding into your survey. Try to incorporate it with a custom theme [custom theme link] to match the colors.
  • Make a small copy- If you are using custom fonts or typefaces, you can use an inspirational message or company slogan in the image section of your Welcome or Success message
  • Show-off your product- Take some high-quality photos of your products and present them in an opening message. Don’t miss a good marketing opportunity!
  • Show-off your office spaces and team members- If you are doing an HR survey or outreach for new employees, make sure to attach some attractive images of the office to represent your work environment.

Formatting and links in Success messages

Use formatting to set up your email link, phone number, and other information. Make important stuff bold and italics, which will make your survey look friendlier and more professional. But do not link to your social media or website; you can use our Alternative Success URL feature for that.

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