Student Surveys: Questions and Examples

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How to create student surveys with SurveyPlanet

One way educators are improving classrooms around the world is by surveying students and applying the valuable feedback gained. This page provides survey question examples for students and teachers that can be used in various settings.

A student survey might be as simple as collecting general feedback about classroom experiences or in-depth evaluations of instructors. Once collected, student responses can be reviewed and used to improve teaching techniques. Are student surveys right for your school? It’s time to learn more about their capabilities.

One of the best ways to do so is through student surveys. And, thanks to SurveyPlanet, creating one is easier than you might think.

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The importance of student surveys

Student surveys serve to gather valuable feedback from students to enhance teaching practices and overall educational experiences. Depending on the type of student survey, gathered information can be used for different purposes.

Student satisfaction survey

A student satisfaction survey is a tool used by educational institutions to gauge how content students are with various aspects of their educational experience. These surveys typically cover a range of topics, such as the classroom experience or the quality of extracurriculars the school offers.

Student feedback survey

Although administrators get feedback about faculty members throughout the academic year, it's usually based on test scores and brief class visits during instruction time. When educators utilize a student survey, they're collecting data directly from the source.

Students spend more time with teachers than with their principal. Just as big companies send out satisfaction surveys to better understand their customers, a student feedback survey helps administrators better understand students.

An English instructor is having a tough time getting students engaged in reading The Odyssey. Perhaps the teacher doesn't understand that the majority of the class are visual learners and that reading lengthy passages won't help them understand the material.

By distributing a student survey at the beginning of the year, instructors can learn up-front that most of the class learns better through visualization. The survey represents one of the greatest resources for collecting data and information, which can lead to better school and educational outcomes.

To better engage students with The Odyssey, a teacher might insist that students read the poem out loud, act it out, or watch a performance while reading along. Students will better comprehend the material, resulting in deeper learning and ultimately better grades.

Student feedback not only helps instructors teach better but sets students up to succeed.

Course evaluation survey

Among the most common types of education surveys are student course evaluation surveys. Teachers typically disseminate these to students at the end of a semester or school year to better understand opinions and experiences concerning teaching style, classroom policies, knowledge of the subject, etc.

Although instructors might find it difficult and painful to ask students for feedback, they will be thankful when they see how beneficial the research is.

Course evaluation questions cover, for example, if a teacher assigns too much homework and students find it hard to keep up. The instructor may then realize how much stress students are feeling. The point of the survey is to help teachers understand ways they can provide a better learning experience.

Student-teacher relationship surveys

Differing from a teacher-evaluation survey, a student-teacher relationship survey isn't for a teacher's use but for administrators. It asks a series of questions about how well teachers feel they get along with their students and the relationships they've built with them.

Student-teacher relationship survey questions might ask what the teacher specifically does to develop positive relationships with students or how they encourage them to have a voice.

Once the administration has received responses from the school’s teachers, they can determine strategies that might benefit teachers who are failing to build the best relationships with their students.

For instance, if a handful of instructors struggle to maintain positive relationships with students, gathered data and information can provide them with new ideas and insights.

Creating positive relationships with students and safe spaces in schools is critical for building a thriving learning environment and the best educational outcomes. Find out the benefits of teacher surveys and how to exceed students’ expectations by exploring teacher survey questions and examples.

Quality of education surveys

One of the best ways for educators to better understand the needs of their students is with an education survey. Quality-of-education surveys provide data on what students actually think about the overall caliber of teaching, the quality of facilities, and whether they feel safe at school.

Both publicly funded and private schools have administrators who want to know what parents think about school quality. This is especially true for schools that charge tuition.

Ensuring a school offers an excellent education helps retain students and recruit new ones. Quality-of-education surveys offer insight into critical improvements and enhanced educational opportunities that schools need to make.

Survey questions about online classes

Recent years have seen rapid change in the educational system as distance learning has expanded. Tracking the quality of this new learning method can be extremely helpful in determining if it is successful.

Online learning survey questions for students provide this type of evaluation and data. Incorporating good survey questions for students about online learning in a quality-of-education survey will deliver valuable results, information, and resources that can be used to improve the online classroom experience.

It is important to have questionnaires about online classes and distance-learning experiences and questions should be simple and informative.

Questionnaire examples for students

Student-teacher relationship survey questions for students examples:

Here are some examples of student-teacher relationship survey questions:

  1. How would you rate the overall quality of your relationship with your teachers?
  2. Do you feel comfortable approaching your teachers with questions or concerns?
  3. How well do your teachers understand and address your individual learning needs?
  4. Do you feel that your teachers create a supportive and inclusive classroom environment?
  5. How frequently do your teachers provide timely and constructive feedback on your work?
  6. Do you feel that your teachers encourage active participation and engagement in class?
  7. Have your teachers demonstrated a genuine interest in your academic progress and success?
  8. Do you feel that teachers respect and value your opinions and ideas?
  9. How often do your teachers provide opportunities for open dialogue and discussion in the classroom?
  10. Do your teachers effectively communicate course expectations and learning objectives?
  11. How well do your teachers facilitate a positive and respectful classroom culture among students?
  12. Have your teachers implemented varied instructional strategies to cater to different learning styles?
  13. Do your teachers effectively manage classroom discipline and maintain a conducive learning environment?
  14. Have your teachers provided guidance and mentorship beyond the classroom when needed?
  15. How would you rate the accessibility and availability of your teachers outside of class (e.g., office hours, email communication)?
  16. Do your teachers demonstrate enthusiasm and passion for the subject matter they teach?
  17. How well do your teachers incorporate real-life examples and practical applications into their teaching?
  18. Have your teachers encouraged independent thinking and problem-solving skills?
  19. Do you feel that your teachers treat all students fairly and without bias?
  20. Would you recommend your teachers to other students? Why or why not?

Remember, questions can be adjusted or expanded based on the specific context and goals of a student-teacher relationship survey.

Here are some student survey question examples you can ask students about their online learning experience:

  • How do you feel overall about online education?
  • On average, how much time do you spend each day on online education?
  • Do you enjoy learning remotely?
  • What would you change about online teaching?
  • How does online teaching affect your school results?

Interested in the topic of distance and online learning? Read our blog how to make a questionnaire regarding the impact of eLearning and find more examples of survey questions you can ask students about their online learning experience.

Sample student survey questions

When writing an initial student questionnaire, our sample student survey questions can be useful guidance and used as a reference.

Here are some survey questions examples for students:

  1. How safe do you feel at school?
  2. What type of learning methods do you prefer?
  3. How clearly does your instructor explain the material?
  4. How well did your teacher answer student questions?
  5. How helpful were homework assignments for understanding the material?
  6. How likely would you recommend this school to a friend?
  7. How satisfied are you with the number of extracurricular activities provided?
  8. Which book did you enjoy reading the least this semester?
  9. How difficult was it to receive tutoring or extra help from your teacher?

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