Student Survey Examples and Templates

Teacher Surveys for Students & Student Surveys of Teachers

One way educators are improving their classrooms around the world is by giving their students a survey and applying valuable feedback. The survey might be as simple as collecting general feedback from students about their experience in class or range to an in-depth evaluation of their teacher. Once teachers collect the responses from their students, they can review the answers and use the feedback to improve their classroom in the future. Is a teacher survey for students right for your school? Learn more about its capabilities.

Using Surveys to Gather Student Feedback

Although faculty provides educators with feedback or reviews throughout the year, it’s usually based on test scores and a short class visit during instruction time. When educators use a teacher survey for students, they’re collecting feedback directly from the source. Students spend more time with teachers than, for example, a principal does. Just like big companies send satisfaction surveys to better understand their customers, a student feedback survey for teachers helps teachers better understand their students.

If an English teacher is having a tough time getting their students engaged reading The Odyssey, but they don’t know that the majority of their class are visual learners, simply reading the play won’t help the students understand the material. By sending out a student survey of the teacher at the beginning of the year, the teacher can learn upfront that the majority of the class learns better through visualization. To better engage the students when it comes time to read The Odyssey, the teacher might insist that the students read the play out loud, act it out, or watch the performance while they read along. The students will then comprehend the material better and reap better grades as a result.

Student feedback will not only help teachers teach better but set students up to succeed.

Teacher Evaluation Surveys

One of the most common types of surveys in the education field are student surveys for school teacher evaluation. Teachers typically give this type of survey to their students at the end of a semester or school year to better understand what their students think of them, their teaching style, classroom policies, knowledge of subject and more. Although teachers might find it difficult and painful to ask their students for criticism, they will thank themselves for it after they see how beneficial the feedback is.

For example, if a teacher assigns too many homework assignments and the students find it hard to keep up, the teacher might not know how much stress they cause their students until they receive feedback from the teacher evaluation survey. The point of the survey is to help teachers understand ways they can provide their students with a better learning experience.

Student-Teacher Relationship Surveys

Different from a teacher evaluation survey, a student-teacher relationship survey isn’t necessarily for a teacher’s, but for higher up faculty’s use instead. The survey asks a series of questions about how well a teacher feels they get along with their students and the relationships they’ve built with them. Student-teacher relationship survey questions might ask what the teacher specifically does to develop positive relationships with their students or how they encourage their students to have a voice.

Once the faculty has received the student-teacher relationship survey responses from all teachers at the school, they can determine which strategies might benefit teachers who aren’t building the best relationships with their students. For instance, if a handful of teachers struggle to build positive relationships with their students, the feedback from the surveys can provide the teachers with new ideas and insight for improvement. Creating a positive relationship with students and a safe space for expression is critical for a thriving educational environment.

Quality of Education Surveys

Does your school provide students with a quality education? Do students have the tools and resources they need to achieve success at school? Quality of education surveys can tell you what students actually think about the overall quality of teaching, the quality of the building or whether or not students feel safe at school. Both schools that are publicly funded and those costing admission, have administrators who want to know what students and parents think of the school’s quality. This is especially true for schools charging tuition fees. Ensuring the school offers a quality education can help retain students and recruit new ones in the future. Quality of education surveys offer the insight schools need to make improvements and enhance educational opportunities to their students.

Sample Student Survey Questions

When writing your first teacher survey for students, use these sample student survey questions as a reference.

  • How safe do you feel at school?
  • What type of learning method do you prefer?
  • How clearly does your instructor explain the material?
  • How well did your teacher answer student questions?
  • How helpful were homework assignments for understanding the material?
  • How likely would you recommend this school to a friend?
  • How satisfied are you with the number of extracurricular activities?
  • Which book did you enjoy reading the least this semester?
  • How difficult was it to receive tutoring or extra help from your teacher?

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