HR feedback surveys: Templates and questions

Get needed feedback to provide better service to customers and a more rewarding workplace for employees.

Get needed feedback to provide better service to customers and a more rewarding workplace for employees.

It is not only essential to find out if employees are satisfied with their jobs, but it's also important to find out if the human resources department is doing its job. HR’s ultimate goal is to provide employees with the necessary resources to do their job successfully.

Whether it's improving new-hire paperwork, providing benefit information, or troubleshooting challenging work environments, HR operations are a crucial component of employee satisfaction. To better understand how well the HR department is performing, consider sending out a human resource feedback survey.

What can be accomplished with HR feedback surveys?

When distributing an HR feedback survey, the ultimate aim is to help employees have a better work experience. Survey questions for the HR department explore different aspects of its operations and will help identify potential problem areas, with question branching available to dive deeper into specific areas. For example, if a lot of employee events are held throughout the year, ask a question about one specific event to get a better understanding of the role they play in the workplace.

If respondents answer negatively, follow up with several more to help pinpoint what precisely they were unhappy about. Question branching is just one tactic that will provide valuable insights.

This blog explores more HR survey questions and template examples.

What is a good HR satisfaction survey?

HR satisfaction surveys offer priceless information that can be used to improve employment experiences and the work environment. For example, the information gathered can help identify areas requiring improved staffing or compensation issues that need to be addressed in benefit packages or HR policies.

But if a survey lacks structure, data will be incomplete and hard to analyze—read our tips on creating an engaging survey and how to evade common mistakes.

Learning which areas of the HR department need improvement will lead to an improved experience for employees. Using a combination of multiple-choice, rating, scale, short-answer, and long-answer questions will provide the most comprehensive data to work from.

Thirty examples of HR feedback survey questions

Here are some HR effectiveness survey questions to include in a survey, which can be answered on a scale of 1 to 10 (strongly disagree to strongly agree):

  1. Does human resources efficiently communicate changes to company procedure and policy?
  2. Are you satisfied with company events?
  3. Does HR make you feel appreciated?
  4. Does human resources respond to questions in a timely manner?
  5. Do you feel confident the HR department can assist with problems?
  6. Are you happy with the new hires HR provides?
  7. Are you satisfied with the time it takes to fill open positions?
  8. Do HR procedures require too much paperwork?
  9. Do you understand the information received about benefits?
  10. Does our company attract and hire the best?
  11. Is HR readily available to talk with you?
  12. How satisfied are you with the communication channels provided by the company?
  13. How effective do you think our performance evaluation process is in recognizing and rewarding your contributions?
  14. Are you satisfied with the opportunities for professional growth and development provided by the company?
  15. Are you satisfied with how clearly your role is defined at the company?
  16. How well does your immediate supervisor provide constructive feedback and support for your work?
  17. Do you feel that the company's policies and procedures are fair and consistently enforced?
  18. How satisfied are you with the overall work-life balance in your role?
  19. Do you feel that your workload is manageable and appropriate for your position?
  20. How comfortable do you feel raising concerns or complaints to the HR department or management?
  21. How well does the company promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
  22. Are you satisfied with the current benefits and perks offered by the company?
  23. How well does the company foster a positive and inclusive work environment?
  24. How satisfied are you with the clarity of your job responsibilities and expectations?
  25. Do you feel that the company values and recognizes your contributions and achievements?
  26. How well does the company promote a healthy work-life balance culture?
  27. Are you satisfied with the level of support and resources provided for your professional development?
  28. How effectively does the company address and resolve employee concerns and conflicts?
  29. Are you satisfied with the opportunities for collaboration and teamwork within your department or team?
  30. How well does the company encourage and facilitate open and transparent communication?

Open-ended HR feedback survey question examples

Allow respondents to brainstorm for you with open-ended questions that can provide valuable insights and allow employees to express their thoughts in their own words. Here are some examples of open-ended HR feedback survey questions:

  1. What resources do I need HR to provide me with (BLANK)?
  2. HR should provide us with more training about (BLANK)?
  3. What areas does HR need help with?
  4. Please share any suggestions or ideas you have for improving the company's culture or work environment.
  5. Are there any positive experiences you have had with a colleague or manager that made a difference in your work?
  6. In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges or obstacles hindering your productivity or job satisfaction?
  7. Are there any specific training or development opportunities you would like to see offered by the company?
  8. Are there any concerns or issues that you believe HR or management should address?
  9. What motivates you to perform at your best and contribute to the success of the company?
  10. How do you feel the company could better support work-life balance for its employees?

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