HR feedback surveys: Templates and questions

Get the feedback you need to provide better service to customers and a more rewarding workplace for employees.

Not only is it essential to find out if your employees are satisfied with their jobs, it's also important to find out if your human resources department is doing its job. The HR department's ultimate goal is to provide employees with the necessary resources to do their job successfully. Whether it's for improving new hire paperwork, providing benefit information, or troubleshooting challenging work environments, HR operations are a crucial component of employee satisfaction. If you need to determine how well your HR department is performing, consider sending out a human resource feedback survey.

What you can accomplish with HR feedback surveys

When sending an HR feedback survey, the aim is to help your employees have a better experience. HR feedback survey questions about different aspects of an HR department will help you identify potential problem areas, and you can use question branching to dive deeper into specifics. For example, if you hold a lot of employee events throughout the year, ask a question about one event to get a better understanding of the role they are playing at your workplace.

If respondents answer negatively to a question, follow up with several more questions to help pinpoint what precisely they were unhappy about. Using question branching is just one tactic that will gain valuable insights.

Good surveys offer you priceless information that you can use to improve the employment experience and the work environment. For example, the information can help you identify areas requiring improved staffing or any compensation issues that need to be addressed in your benefits or HR policies.

If your survey lacks a structure, your data will be incomplete and hard to analyze—read our tips on creating an engaging surveyand evade common mistakes.

Once you send out your survey, you will learn which areas of your HR department need improvement, which will lead to an improved experience for employees. Using a combination of multiple-choice, rating, scale, short-answer, and long-answer questions will provide the most comprehensive data to work from.

Examples of HR feedback survey questions

HR feedback survey questions you may want to include in a survey:

  • Does human resources efficiently communicate changes to company procedure and policy?
  • Are you satisfied with company events?
  • Does HR make you feel appreciated?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10 (strongly disagree to strongly agree):
    • Human resources responds to my questions in a timely manner.
    • I feel confident the HR department can assist me with problems.
    • I am happy with the new hires HR provides.
    • I am satisfied with the time it takes to fill open positions.
    • HR procedures require too much paperwork.
    • I easily understand the information I received about benefits.
    • Our company attracts and hires the best.
    • HR is readily available to talk with me.
  • Allow respondents to brainstorm for you with open-ended questions:
    • I would like HR to provide me with more resources for (BLANK):
    • HR should provide us with more training about (BLANK):
    • What areas does HR need help with?

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