Job and employee satisfaction survey questions, examples, and templates

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To maintain a high employee retention rate, it is crucial to ensure that employees feel satisfied with their job. Happier employees are more productive and engaged. Administering employee satisfaction surveys is an easy way to discover if employees are satisfied.

Why do you need an employee satisfaction survey?

If you want employees to thrive and, thereby, improve your business then measuring employee satisfaction rates is very important. The concept refers to whether employees are happy with their assignments, benefits, work atmosphere, coworkers, and superiors. How they feel about these things directly affects motivation.

That is why employee satisfaction surveys are often also referred to as employee happiness surveys, employee wellness surveys, or employee motivation questionnaires.

Asking employees a series of questions about their happiness level at work identifies aspects of your company that need improvement. It’s also a way to find out what current management practices lack in terms of communication and how these issues are causing downstream effects.

Consider what an employee job satisfaction questionnaire can accomplish for your company—and what types of questions to include.

What is an employee satisfaction index?

It is a measurement tool used by companies to assess overall employee satisfaction. Gauging the employee satisfaction index typically involves collecting data through surveys or questionnaires and determining how employees feel about various aspects of their job and the company.

The index usually includes questions related to compensation, job security, work-life balance, opportunities for growth and development, company culture, and relationships with managers and colleagues.

Data collected from an employee satisfaction index is then analyzed to determine the level of employee satisfaction, areas where the company is doing well, and areas that need improvement. Companies can use this information to make changes to improve employee satisfaction and retention, which ultimately leads to increased productivity and profitability.

What can be accomplished with employee satisfaction surveys?

You will gain a wealth of valuable insights. If there is a common negative answer in surveys, follow up by offering employees an opportunity to discuss the matter. Invite them to voice opinions about the specific issue so the problem can be addressed.

An employee motivation questionnaire also measures the different satisfaction levels of employees. Ways to improve—whether with raises or increased benefits—can be developed. The survey also allows for the analysis of specific departments and individual managers. An employee satisfaction survey can also be specific to a department to find out information about it. Departments can be compared to get a handle on what needs to change.

Additionally, other types of human resource surveys can be distributed at the same time. These will help to better understand the feedback gathered from the employee happiness surveys. They include company culture surveys and more detailed types like work-life balance surveys or employee benefits surveys.

Once responses are gathered, take the feedback and use it to improve company operations. The most important aspect of employee satisfaction surveys is asking the correct questions that will gather the answers needed, which can then be used to create change. If you want a better work environment—one that will retain employees long-term—use meaningful employee satisfaction survey questions to gather crucial information.

Job satisfaction survey question examples

A good employee satisfaction survey—one that is nicely formatted with well-written questions—is the key to successful in-house research. However, not everyone has experience creating surveys, which is why an employee satisfaction survey questionnaire sample is a good way to get started. Luckily, SurveyPlanet has prepared templates to help you understand the most important points.

Here are some common employee satisfaction survey questions:

  • Do you enjoy our company culture?
  • Do we offer adequate opportunities for career development and promotions?
  • Do you feel valued?
  • Do we give you the technologies and tools you need to succeed?
  • Do your superiors value your feedback?
  • Are you happy at work?
  • Do we utilize your skills and abilities as much as we can?
  • Do you feel your pay is competitive?
  • Do the tasks you're assigned help you grow professionally?
  • Do you have an opportunity to advance in the company?
  • How likely are you to look for another job outside the company?
  • How often do you feel stressed at work?
  • Do you feel like your opinions about work matter to your coworkers?
  • Do you feel like you can express your opinions about work to your superiors?

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