Job and employee satisfaction survey questions and templates

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To maintain a high employee retention rate, ensure your employees feel satisfied with their job. Happier employees are more productive and engaged at work. Administering a job satisfaction survey is an easy solution to find out if your employees are satisfied.

By asking your employees a series of questions about their job and happiness level at work, you can gain valuable feedback that tells you which areas of your company need to improve to make your employees happier. You also might find out that your management team is lacking in communication or organization, which is causing downstream effects. Determine what an employee job satisfaction survey questionnaire can accomplish for your company and what types of questions you should include.

What you can accomplish with job and employee satisfaction surveys

When you send your employees a job and employee satisfaction survey, you will gain lots of valuable insight. If you notice a common answer in the surveys you distribute, you can follow up by offering an opportunity for discussion. Invite employees to voice their opinions about the matter so you can come to an agreement about how to address the problem.

Your job satisfaction survey will also measure the different satisfaction levels of your employees. Whether you need to give more raises or better benefits, the employee satisfaction survey will tell you what you need to know to improve. The survey will also allow you to analyze departments and management individually. You might even give a job satisfaction survey by sector to find out specific information for each department. You can compare departments to one another to see what needs to change.

Once you gather all of your responses from the employee job satisfaction survey, you can take the feedback and use it to better your company. The most important aspect of your job satisfaction survey for employees is asking questions you want answers to and then taking those answers to turn them into change. If you want to create a better work environment and retain employees, give regular job satisfaction surveys.

Examples of job satisfaction survey questions

Here are some job satisfaction survey questions you can ask in your next survey:

  • Do you enjoy our company culture?
  • Do we offer adequate opportunities for career development and promotions?
  • Do you feel valued?
  • Do we give you the technologies and tools you need to succeed?
  • Do your superiors value your feedback?
  • Are you happy at work?
  • Do we utilize your skills and abilities as much as we can?
  • Do you feel your pay is competitive?

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