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Although surveys are generally associated with gaining customer feedbackor curating market research, they're also quite handy for human resource departments. HR surveys give companies insight into how they function and their employees' opinions. Such insights can help hiring managers to learn more about loyalty and productivity and give employees a voice and make them feel heard. HR surveys are also a great tool to improve employee efficiency at work. Discover how you can use HR surveys for your business and get started by using our handy HR survey questions.

Which Human Resource Survey Software Is Best?

You don't need fancy HR survey software when designing your HR surveys. Whether you need employee onboarding surveys or to create a human resource management questionnaire, SurveyPlanet is the perfect option for any survey you need. SurveyPlanet allows for the production of an unrestricted number of surveys, the collating of as many responses as you need, and an unlimited number of questions—all using your free account.

Which HR Questionnaire Tools Do I Need?

It's important to find HR questionnaire software that includes the different features you need to create and analyze surveys. SurveyPlanet has a variety of aesthetic themes to choose from, premade survey questions, and can collect survey responses that will be protected with SSL security that guarantees only you can view the results. Responses can be gathered anonymously and easily embedded on your website if you so choose.

By upgrading to a Pro account, you gain access to amazing features that will enhance your employees' survey experience. These features include white-labeling the survey with your brand and giving employees a survey length estimate. The Pro account also features question branching, Which allows for the creation of questions based on how an employee answers a previous question. This gives you the ability to create a unique survey experience for every employee based on their answers. The Pro account also gives you different export options, the ability to add images to questions or answers, and many other exclusive features.

Best Practices for Creating HR Surveys

When it comes to a company's success, the motivation of employees is incredibly important. You can gain needed insight to better motivate employees and bring greater success to your business with a well-executed human resource questionnaire.

Begin by finding a way to encourage employees to participate. Without a high participation rate, the information you need won't be amassed. Increase participation rates with incentives like raffles or a small prize for submitting answers.

Best practice when creating an HR survey for employees is to reassure them that the survey is completely confidential. If employees feel like they will get into trouble for their responses, then stress that answers are anonymous and that the survey is strictly for feedback. To reassure them, report survey results company-wide once it is complete. This will help establish trust and lay the groundwork for future surveys.

When creating an HR questionnaire for employees, be mindful of the phrasing of questions. Make sure each is relevant to specific participants. If you want to create different HR survey questions for different departments, split the survey into different paths using question branching. Every employee should be able to actually answer any question asked of them.

As a last best-practice suggestion, make sure you really use the feedback you receive. Employees won't want to fill out surveys if they don't feel like it helps promote change.

With these best practices in place, expect a higher response rate and better quality answers in future HR surveys.

Topics and Templates for HR Surveys

If you've never created an HR survey questionnaire before, it might seem challenging to identify the correct questions to ask your employees. For example, there's a difference between HR effectiveness survey questions, exit survey questions, and HR survey questions for employees about work-life balance. Lucky for you, SurveyPlanet has the topics and templates you need to get started.

Employee Benefit Surveys

The right employee benefits can greatly improve staff performance, which will only benefit your business. To find out which benefits are most important to your employees, give them an annual employee benefits survey. The responses will tell you which benefits they care most about. You might even discover that they would prefer expanded benefits over a pay raise. The information gained from this type of survey is crucial for employee retention, as well as overall performance. These questions can relate to paid time off (PTO), health insurance, benefits compared to other companies, parental leave, free meals, flexible hours, remote work, etc. You can ask HR survey questions with multiple choice answers, ratings, scales, ranges, scores, short answers, or even essay responses. Use our wide variety of HR survey question options to find the answers you need.

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Employee Exit Surveys

Another common type of HR survey is an employee exit survey. Whether they retire, quit, are fired, or finish their contract, these surveys give you insight into an employee's experiences while working at your company and give insight into exactly why they're leaving. This feedback can tell you why employees leave, what areas of your business need improvement, help you improve the employee experience and overall work environment, and thereby increase your employee retention rate in the future.

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Work-Life Balance Surveys

Do your employees have a healthy work-life balance? Is their workload sustainable? A work-life balance survey can inform you as to whether your employees are working overtime off-the-clock, if they're feeling overloaded, or if they don't have enough work during certain parts of the work schedule. You can also ask questions about projects employees are working on to better understand what they enjoy about their work or what's giving them trouble. A healthy work-life balance will improve your employees' work experience, as well as their performance. Additionally, you can ask about projects or employee roles you might find interesting. Send this survey out several times during the year so that you can understand your employees' peak periods and when it might be a good time to hire more permanent or temporary staff to help out.

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HR Assessment Questionnaire

Want to find out if your human resources department is doing a good job? Send your employees an HR feedback survey. You can ask HR satisfaction survey questions about human resources performance to see how the department can improve the lives of employees. The survey can provide feedback about the HR department's ability to solve problems, hiring practices, communication within the company, and much more.

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Job and Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Human resources can use feedback surveys to gain more insight into job and employee satisfaction in the workplace. By sending a comprehensive survey to employees seeking input about what they most and least enjoy about their jobs, HR can make adjustments to help build employee morale and job satisfaction. Surveys can also help the human resources department to direct employees on the correct career path based on their answers.

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Company Culture Surveys

Does your business have a good company culture? This can tell you a lot about employee satisfaction and whether there's a healthy work environment. Give your employees a company culture survey to find out what it is like and what you can do to make it better. This will improve your work environment and have a positive effect on employee performance.

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Leadership and Management Effectiveness Surveys

Your company's leadership and management teams set the tone for the rest of the operation. A leadership and management effectiveness survey is a great way to discover whether or not management is giving employees the leadership they deserve. Use insight from this survey to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership team.

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