Management & Leadership Effectiveness Survey Templates

Strong leaders make for strong teams. Our templates help you make an impact.

How do you know where to make improvements in your company if you haven’t gotten any feedback? Surveys are an essential aspect of every business. Without them, companies might never know employees’ true level of job satisfaction.

One of the most important surveys your company can distribute is a leadership survey, or manager effectiveness survey. This type of survey gives you insight into how your leadership and management teams are performing. Employees look to their superiors for direction, insight and, of course, leadership. If they have a leader who isn’t doing a great job, the rest of the department might suffer as a result. A leadership behavior survey is a great place to learn insight into your company’s leadership team.

How a Leadership Survey is Beneficial

Feedback about management is an incredibly useful tool to understand how well your company functions. Studies have shown that employees who have a highly engaged manager are 60% more likely to be highly engaged themselves. If your company has leaders who are not engaged or not the right type of leader, it can hurt the company’s bottom line. Distributing a manager effectiveness survey is one way you can find out the truth behind your company’s leadership team. You can even compare your results with employees' performances or other surveys to look for correlations between departments.

If you want to pinpoint exactly where your company’s leaders could use improvement, make sure to include a leadership skills survey questionnaire to evaluate their individual skills. Once you gain feedback from your survey, use it to better your leadership team. Perhaps one of your leaders would perform better in a different role or would benefit from leadership training. You might even discover that your company contains amazing leaders. One thing is sure: you won’t know the truth until you send the right leadership survey questions to employees.

Anonymous Feedback

One way to gain valuable feedback from your leadership survey is by making each response anonymous. When respondents don’t have a name tied to their answers, they will feel more comfortable giving honest responses. The honest feedback you receive about leadership within your company can help you make necessary changes that might not have been brought up had the survey required respondents to sign their name. Protect your employees with anonymity to gain real answers about your company’s leadership team.

Example Leadership Survey Questions

Creating a leadership survey might sound daunting at first. Don’t worry – we created some leadership survey questions to help get you started. Use these in your own survey or to inspire the questions you want to ask.

  • Do you feel confident in your manager’s effectiveness?
  • Does your supervisor help your team meet goals and succeed?
  • Does your supervisor provide you with constructive feedback?
  • Name an example of something your manager has done to benefit your department.
  • Does your manager include your entire department in big decisions?
  • Does your manager make an effort to listen to your ideas?
  • In what ways could your manager improve as a leader?
  • True or False: When there’s a problem, your manager finds a solution.
  • True or False: Your manager has everyone’s best interest in mind.
  • True or False: Your manager is an effective communicator.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how overworked do you feel?

Create Your Own Leadership Behavior Survey

Improving your business begins with management. If you have a strong leadership team, employees working underneath them will follow. Discover everything you need to know about your leadership team through a manager effectiveness survey.

SurveyPlanet makes it easy to create a leadership survey. First, begin by selecting one of our gorgeous pre-made themes. Then choose one of our survey templates or write your own questions. If you want to dive deeper into specific questions, question branching allows you to branch questions based on how a respondent answers a question. The possibilities are endless. If you’re ready to gain insights into your company’s leadership team, sign up for an account with Survey Planet today.

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