Leadership and management survey templates

Find out how satisfied your employees are with their job and make meaningful improvements.

Find out how satisfied your employees are with their job and make meaningful improvements.

One of the most important surveys your company can distribute is a leadership survey, also known as a manager-effectiveness survey. This type of survey provides insight into how leadership and management teams are performing. Employees look to their superiors for direction, insight, and, naturally, leadership. If they have a leader who isn't doing a great job, the rest of the department might suffer as a result. A leadership-behavior survey is a great place to learn more about your company's leadership team.

How a management performance survey is beneficial

Feedback about management is an incredibly useful tool for better understanding how well your company is functioning. The human resource management questionnaire is one of the most popular types of HR surveys.

Studies have shown that employees who have a highly engaged manager are 60 percent more likely to be highly engaged themselves. If your company has leaders who are not engaged or not the right kind of leader, it can hurt the company's bottom line. Distributing a manager-effectiveness survey can help you gain insights into how to improve company leadership, which can promote downstream effects on employees.

Manager survey feedback

Managers’ surveys are beneficial because they give you the information needed to help current leaders become better ones. Once the survey's results have been reviewed, use the information to make changes within your company. From there, better leadership will establish more trust in the company. In turn, employees will feel more valued and appreciated because you're implementing changes they want to see.

Who are your admired leaders in the company?

When you're distributing a leadership survey, manager-satisfaction survey, or performance-management questionnaire, take time to find out which of your company's superiors is admired by employees. It is a good idea that your manager survey for employees include questions about which type of leader your employees are inspired by and why they feel that way.

A management survey is a great addition to both ​employee satisfaction and company culture surveys.

When it comes time to analyze results, you will likely have a few leaders who share a common set of skills and expertise that set them apart. Focus on the feedback about each to better understand what type of leadership your employees are looking for. This information can be used to train your company's management team to act more like the most admired leaders.

Performance-management survey best practices

If you want to gain the most valuable insight from a leadership survey, there are a few best practices to keep in mind.

First, make the leadership survey responses completely anonymous. This helps employees feel more comfortable about being honest with their answers. Keeping the survey anonymous can also make it easier for participants to bring up problems or issues they may be reticent about otherwise.

Another way to gain better insights from your survey is to only ask questions relating to your company's performance. If your goal is to improve your company as a whole, you will want to ask questions that help you understand which skills or behaviors your management team contributes—or doesn't—that affect your company's performance as a whole.

Also, along with a manager survey for employees, a leadership questionnaire for managers themselves is a great way to find out what management thinks of their performance, both strong points and deficiencies. Therefore, do not forget to occasionally perform leadership questionnaires for managers that will better gauge management's effectiveness firsthand.

Think of observable behavior instead of motives

Last, each question should be about observable behavior instead of motives or thoughts. For example, you will gain more insight with statements like: “My manager provides me with useful feedback.” This type of question will give you specific feedback about a manager's performance.

With these best practices in mind, you can gain better insight from your leadership-behavior surveys.

To ensure that your survey data is reliable, you need to make sure that you are taking the right steps in designing and administering the survey. So how can you make sure that you are maximizing your chances of receiving high-quality feedback? We've listed a few suggestions in our article onhow to write a good survey question!

Examples of leadership survey questions for managers

Creating a leadership survey might sound daunting at first. Don't worry—we created questions to help get you started. Use these directly in your survey or to inspire the questions you want to ask:

  • Do you feel confident in your manager's effectiveness?
  • Does your supervisor help your team meet goals and succeed?
  • Does your supervisor provide you with constructive feedback?
  • Name an example of something your manager has done to benefit your department.
  • Does your manager include your entire department in big decisions?
  • Does your manager make an effort to listen to your ideas?
  • In what ways could your manager improve as a leader?
  • True or False: When there's a problem, your manager finds a solution?
  • True or False: Your manager has everyone's best interest in mind?
  • True or False: Your manager is an effective communicator?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how overworked do you feel?

Create your own management performance survey

Improving your business begins with better management. If you have a strong leadership team, employees will follow them. Discover everything you need to know about your leaders with a manager-effectiveness survey.

SurveyPlanet makes it easy to create one. First, begin by selecting one of our gorgeous pre-made themes and manager-feedback survey examples. Then choose one of our survey templates or write your own questions.

If you want to dive deeper into specific questions, question branching allows you to ask follow-up questions based on how a respondent answers a previous question. The possibilities are endless. If you're ready to gain insights into your company's leadership team, sign up for an account with SurveyPlanet today.

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