The Perfect Employee Exit Interview Survey

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When an employee gives their notice, it might feel a bit personal. You might wonder what your company could have done differently to keep them around longer, or why they’re leaving in the first place. If they got a new job, what does this new employer have to offer that you don’t? If employee retention is important to your company, it’s essential to get the answers to these questions to improve your retention rate in the future and maintain a low turnover rate. One way to find the answers to these questions is through an employee exit survey. The answers then become valuable insight you can use to make improvements in your company moving forward.

Why Employee Exit Surveys are Important

Most companies want to avoid a high turnover rate for several reasons. To start, every time an employee quits, human resources and management must interview and train a new employee instead of spending time on other projects. New employees also take time to get up to speed.

Not only does employee turnover lead to a loss in money and productivity, but it sets a bad example for other employees. If there’s a common denominator at your company that’s causing employees to quit and you’re unaware of it, this can continue the downward trend of your retention rate. Conducting an employee exit survey when an employee quits can help you learn why they quit, what they liked about working at your company, what they disliked and how you can improve your business to prevent other employees from leaving for the same reasons.

A strong employee retention rate generally means higher employee satisfaction and company loyalty. This leads to a better work environment and more motivated employees. Every employer’s dream is for their employees not to want to work anywhere else. Although this a hard dream to achieve, employee exit surveys can make it more of a possibility. The key to an employee exit survey is to ask the right questions so you can gain effective responses to use down the line.

Employee Exit Surveys are the Perfect Complement for Exit Interviews

When the time comes for an employee to leave, instruct them to take an employee exit survey before their exit interview. You can then use their answers as guiding points for questions to ask or follow up on during their in-person exit interview. Whether the feedback was good or bad, having more details about it can help you make improvements to the workplaces and lives of current and future employees.

Asking an employee to take an exit survey prior to their exit interview is also a great way to get answers that an exit interview normally wouldn’t provide. For some people, it’s easier to express their feelings and thoughts in writing than in person. By giving them the opportunity to expand on their thoughts about the company and what changes it could benefit from, you might receive much more thorough and in-depth answers from the exit survey than from the exit interview.

If you ask your employees to take an anonymous employee exit survey, this can help you gather ideas of what types of questions you should ask for all employee exit interviews. It will also help employees feel more comfortable being candid in their answers because it’s anonymous. You can then use this anonymous feedback to make better changes in the workplace.

Employee Exit Interview Survey Questions

Here are some example employee exit interview survey questions you can use to create your own survey.

  • Which of the following factors influenced you to leave our company?
  • What did you enjoy most about your job?
  • Were you satisfied with your salary?
  • How do our benefits compare to those of your new employer?
  • How often did your supervisors give you recognition for your work?
  • Did you feel valued as an employee?
  • What did you dislike about your job?
  • How satisfied were you with your work/life balance?
  • What could we do differently to retain employees?
  • Did you feel like there were professional advancement opportunities?
  • Would you recommend someone you know to work here?
  • Were you trained effectively to perform your job?
  • How satisfied were you with upper management?
  • Do you have any other suggestions or comments about how we can improve our company?

How to Create an Employee Exit Survey

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