Mental health survey questions, examples, and types

Create anonymous mental health surveys to improve understanding and awareness.

Before implementing changes to ensure everyone feels good and valued, it’s important to know which issues to tackle. Mental health surveys help you gather data to better understand which types of mental health care are most needed.

Multiple factors influence people’s mental health, including their relationships with others, stress, childhood trauma, financial stability, and individual personality differences.

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Why mental health surveys matter

While awareness regarding mental health issues is rising and the topic is becoming less stigmatized, it’s important to have tools to track how to implement best practices in various environments. School, work, and relationships are inevitable parts of everyone's lives and influence how people feel and behave daily.

Survey questions about mental health provide valuable insights into people’s state of mind, whether they are teachers, employees, or students. With the insights collected, you can decide on the best steps to secure the well-being and better mental health of everyone.

Types of mental health surveys

While people can be great at their job, they may struggle in some other areas like social relationships. Maybe work isn’t a source of stress, but some family matters influence their mood and behavior.

It’s important to look at mental health holistically and explore how people feel about every aspect of their life and what they struggle with. To do so, several types of mental health surveys can be conducted. Let’s dive deeper.

Mental health questionnaire for employees

We spend a great part of our days at work. Whether working from home or in the office, mental health influences an employee’s productivity, efficiency, and relationships with co-workers. Work is also a source of stress for a lot of people and minimizing its stressful aspect allows people to achieve more. But how?

Employee mental health surveys are designed to help you get to know which issues are influencing the mental health of employees most and how to create an environment where everyone feels safe and positive. It will also show employees how much you care about their well-being and create a work environment where everyone feels valued and heard.

Mental health survey for students

Whether it’s elementary school, high school, or college—student mental health surveys provide insights into how they feel and what is bothering them. Maybe their mental health issues aren’t strictly school related, but every educational institution has an obligation to take care of their students.

If students have problems at home preventing them from fulfilling their work, the school needs to offer support. Surveying students is one way to do this. On the other hand, education is stressful for many. Educational institutions need to prevent stress and bullying as much as possible, which will allow students to achieve their full potential.

Mental health surveys for teachers

Teachers have a tough—but extremely important—job in shaping and guiding young people through their educational journey. Mental health surveys for teachers allow you to know exactly what teachers are struggling with most and how to help them do their job better.

See more teacher survey examples here.

Romantic relationship satisfaction

Romantic relationships can be a great part of life. Being single can be stressful, but being in an unhealthy relationship can be worse. Such situations greatly influence our mood, behavior, productivity, and mental stability.

Great communication is the most important role in any romantic relationship and ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding important topics. A romantic relationship satisfaction survey can help people feel heard and valued while gathering useful data to resolve important issues.

Social relationship survey

Humans are social beings and, in every aspect of our lives, we depend upon one another. When a person doesn’t have great relationships with others—whether family, friends, partners, or co-workers—it takes a toll on their mental health.

To improve mental health, we need to explore how people manage their relationships with others. A social relationship survey is a great way to find out more about habits, expectations, foundations, and the way people feel and communicate with each other.

Mental health survey questions and templates

This type of examination helps us gather data from the population that can be used as a resource to learn more about mental health care and offer support or services to those in need. If coming up with questions makes you put off creating your survey, we’ve got you covered. Check out these 15 mental health survey questions:

  1. What do you find most comforting when you are upset?
  2. If you could change anything about your best friends, what would it be?
  3. How many close friends do you have?
  4. What activities do you enjoy with your close friends?
  5. Please describe the primary sources of conflict between you and your close friends.
  6. How often do you see your closest friends?
  7. Are you in an exclusive relationship?
  8. Would you describe your relationship as “love at first sight?”
  9. What do you least enjoy about your partner?
  10. How often does your partner give you loving or supportive messages through texts, notes, or verbal praise?
  11. How often do you argue with your partner?
  12. What is your greatest fear regarding your relationship?
  13. Have you been physically assaulted by another student in the last thirty days?
  14. Have you been verbally assaulted or threatened by a staff or faculty member in the last thirty days?
  15. Have you been bullied through social media outlets (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc.)?

You can always find more questions and further mental health survey examples when you sign up for a SurveyPlanet account. We have pre-written questions for various types of mental health surveys that will help you get the whole picture, collect valuable data and information, and make better decisions that will improve the mental health of those you are responsible for.

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