Product Research Survey Questions & Templates

Questions to Ask in A Survey for A New Product

Product Research Survey: Getting Started

Most businesses conduct a product research survey as a precaution to protect themselves from launching an inadequate product. If you consider launching a new product or service and haven’t given a product research survey, it’s better to act sooner than later. With help from SurveyPlanet, and using the right product research survey questions, you can find out exactly what you need to know from your audience to improve your product and ensure a successful debut.

How to Choose New Product Launch Survey Questions

Although not every product launch survey will ask the same questions, you can craft your own based on a few different categories. These three categories will help you collect all the insight you need to make the necessary improvements to your new product before launch.

Brand and Category Awareness

Before you start asking product research survey questions, it’s important to gain insight into whether or not your audience recognizes your brand or if they’re familiar with your product category. Ask a few questions about your brand and what they associate it with in terms of categories. As a follow up, ask survey takers what category your new product fits into. It’s important to find out if it makes sense that your brand is launching a product in this particular category.

If you’re a well-known brand, your audience would feel confused if you launched a product completely outside of your usual category. Consumers like brands that stick to what they know. Asking the right product research survey questions can help you confirm if you’re on the right track.

Product Functionality and Feedback

Next, you will want to ask specific questions about your product itself. Come up with questions that ask if your company gave priority to the right features. Your product research survey questions can even ask respondents to rank features from high to low priority to give you an idea of what your target audience is looking for. This section of survey questions should also ask consumers for feedback about your potential product and what they would change.

User Experience

Lastly, you will want to learn every detail about a user’s experience with your product. You typically only ask this if your audience has had the opportunity to test your product themselves. Asking user experience questions will help you understand where your audience is having a good time and where they are not. This feedback is essential. It will help you gain insights for giving users the best experience possible by making changes and improvements based on the feedback you received.

What Questions to Ask in A Survey for A New Product?

Now that you know which categories you should derive questions from, you might wonder what questions to ask in a survey for a new product. Listed below are three survey questions to help you get started and why they work.

  • How often would you use this product? – This is a great question to ask because it tells product developers how sturdy the product needs to be and what its potential use will be.
  • How would you rate this product’s value for money? – Pricing your new item right can help it perform successfully upon launch. This question helps you understand if you priced it right.
  • How likely would you recommend this product to someone? – Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to grow your business. If people don’t want to recommend your product, it likely won’t perform well upon launch.

Product Research Questionnaire Sample

Every new product survey questionnaire needs to have the right questions to ask. Use our examples below as inspiration. You can customize these to meet your new product.

  • Which feature is most important to you?
  • What feature is this product missing?
  • What aspects attract you to this product?
  • What category do you associate our company products with?
  • Rank this product's features from top to lowest priorities.
  • How easy is it to use this product?

Create Your Own New Product Survey Questionnaire

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