White label surveys using your brand

Give your surveys a personal or brand touch with our white label tools.

Give your surveys a personalized brand touch with our white label tools.

Nothing feels more impersonal than getting a survey from a company with some other company's branding on it. Not only can this make the recipient less trusting in the brand, but also less inclined to take the survey— even about who sent the survey. With our white label tool, SurveyPlanet Pro users can leverage their brand to improve survey results.

What is white label branding?

White-label branding is a strategy in which a product made by one company is marketed and sold under another company's brand. In other words, the product or service is essentially "blank" or "white" and the company that buys it can rebrand it and make it appear as if it produced the product.

What is a white label survey?

A white label survey removes the SurveyPlanet branding elements and replaces them with your logo and colors. Our white label tools allow you to have complete brand control of surveys sent to your audience. A branded survey tells recipients that the questions in the survey are relevant to them and that there is no third-party bias.

Benefits of white label surveys

A white-label branding survey can be helpful in several ways, depending on the business and other goals. Here are some potential benefits of conducting a white-label branding survey:

1. Understand your customers' perception of your brand

Conducting a white-label branding survey provides feedback from customers about how they perceive your brand. This can help you identify areas that need improvement and highlight areas that are doing well.

2. Identify areas for improvement

With the feedback received from a survey, product or service, customer service, or overall branding strategy areas that need improvement can be pinpointed.

3. Benchmark against competitors

A white-label branding survey can be used to benchmark your brand against competitors. This can create insight into where you stand in the marketplace and how to differentiate your brand from those of competitors.

4. Inform marketing and branding strategies

The insights gained from a survey can inform your marketing and branding strategies. For example, suppose it is learned that customers see your brand as reliable but that it could be more innovative. In that case, focus on promoting new and innovative products to change that perception.

5. Strengthen relationships with customers

Conducting a white-label branding survey can show customers that you value their opinions and are committed to improving your brand. This can help build trust and strengthen relationships with customers.

Overall, branded surveys provide valuable insights about your brand and help you make data-driven decisions to improve branding strategies and increase customer satisfaction.

SurveyPlanet white labeling software features

SurveyPlanet offers this unique customization feature to Pro account users. White label surveys offer many benefits. By using a white-labeled survey, the effort required to code and design a high-functioning survey is minimized.

This saves time and money developing something from scratch, including testing, troubleshooting, and revising. Instead of committing resources to this long process, include your branding elements in our refined product and make it yours. Recipients will only see your branding—not ours. In addition, if there is ever an issue with a feature, you can just come to us for assistance.

Customization with the white label survey tool

With SurveyPlanet Pro, you can customize everything—from fonts to colors to adding logos and images. Such customization options mean you can leverage branding from your website to your surveys. But this is not a requirement. If you don't have the time or energy to create custom themes, SurveyPlanet has many elegant pre-made examples to choose from.

In addition to our white label survey software, SurveyPlanet also provides options for customized welcome and exit messages, which provide another opportunity to customize surveys with brand messaging. Whether you want to include a company slogan or an often-used catchphrase from marketing campaigns, a custom welcome and exit section emphasizes brand awareness from start to finish.

Although SurveyPlanet offers a wide variety of customization features with our white label survey tool, it doesn't directly offer the use of a custom URL. To drive survey traffic to your website, embed the survey using an iFrame.

The power of branded surveys

Keeping your brand consistent across platforms is important Branding makes an indelible impression on customers. With our branded survey option, continue creating consistent branding, which will prevent confusing your audience. The true power of a branded survey is in establishing trust. The more trust, then the more honest feedback from surveys. This will provide superior insights.

Our white label survey tool is perfect for agencies or consultants

White label branding isn't just for individual brands—consultants and agencies can use it too. Customize survey designs to create eye-pleasing bespoke forms for clients, which will help them gain valuable feedback while creating a bit of a revenue stream. Use it for a customer satisfaction survey, email marketing campaign, customer-effort score, or for surveying employees.

SurveyPlanet's branding tool makes it easy to set up high-performing surveys for clients that are on brand. If clients don't have a large pool of respondents, take advantage of our survey audience option and let us help find participants for you. Just fill out the form that identifies ideal participants, how many you need, and then get a quote. Once you have collected enough responses, our export tool makes it easy to provide clients with a summary of their survey results. White label branded surveys could be your next big revenue maker.

We offer an abundance of helpful features— all in addition to our white label survey software—with SurveyPlanet Pro. See our complete list of specifics on the SurveyPlanet Pro features on the SurveyPlanet Pro Features page.

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