White Label Your Survey with Your Brand

Give your surveys a personal or brand touch with our white labeling tool.

Nothing feels more impersonal than receiving a survey from a company with another company's branding on it. Not only can this make you feel less trust for the brand, but it can also make you less inclined to take the survey. You might wonder if the brand even sent the survey themselves. With SurveyPlanet's white label survey tool, SurveyPlanet Pro users have the option to leverage their brand for better survey results.

What's a White Label Survey?

A white label survey will remove the SurveyPlanet branding and is then rebranded with your own logo and colors.

Customization with the White Label Survey Tool

With SurveyPlanet Pro, you can customize everything from fonts and colors to adding your own logo and images. These customization options allow you to leverage your brand consistently from your website into your survey. But don't worry — if you don't have the time or energy to create your own custom themes, SurveyPlanet has lots of beautiful pre-made themes to choose from.

Benefits of White Label Surveys

The whole point of creating a survey is to gain valuable insight from your survey respondents. If you want to gather responses from your loyal customers or fans, giving them a trustworthy survey experience is essential. When you customize your survey to match your branding, respondents won't second-guess if the survey is real — which will result in a better response rate.

Perfect for Agencies or Consultants

White label surveys aren't just for individual brands — consultants and agencies can use them, too! Create beautiful, custom surveys for your clients to help them gain the valuable feedback they need while creating a bit of revenue for yourself. SurveyPlanet's white label survey tool makes it easy to set up well-performing surveys for your clients that are on-brand. If your clients don't have a large pool of respondents, you can take advantage of our survey audience option, where we find participants for you. Just fill out our form for your ideal participants and how many you need, and we will send you a quote. Once you have collected enough responses, our export tool makes it easy to give your clients a summary of their survey results. White label surveys might be your next big revenue maker.

SurveyPlanet Pro has an abundance of helpful features in addition to our white label survey tool. See our complete list of Pro features on the SurveyPlanet Pro Features page.

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