Don't be a phish

How to Avoid Phishing and Scams When Taking SurveyPlanet Surveys.

At SurveyPlanet, we’re dedicated to the right to privacy.

From our GDPR compliance to our privacy policy, we can assure you that when you submit your data to SurveyPlanet, it's in safe hands.

Don't be fooled by scammers

Unfortunately, there are lots of different scams that take place online like fake coupons, job offers, or checks that people send in order to collect personal information or money. One of the most popular types of online scams is known as phishing, or the act in which scammers try to collect sensitive personal information like passwords, usernames and banking information. Although most phishing takes place in emails, it’s recently made its way to online surveys.

To protect our users from distributing their sensitive information to scammers on the internet, we’ve included a list of guidelines of information you should never provide in a survey.

Guidelines to Avoid Phishing and Scams in SurveyPlanet Surveys

According to SurveyPlanet’s privacy policy, surveys shouldn’t ask you to provide any secure or sensitive data.

If you’re responding to a SurveyPlanet survey, please do not provide the following information:

  • Passwords
  • Federal or state identification numbers
  • Credit card, banking or other financial information
  • Social security numbers
  • Any other sensitive information

How to Report Phishing and Scam Activity to SurveyPlanet

If you’ve encountered a survey that is phishing for sensitive/secure information, please let us know.

Reporting abuse with SurveyPlanet is easy:

  • Click on the Report Abuse link on the survey.
  • Report the phishing attempt on our contact page; include the survey url as well as any other details you feel are appropriate.

Please provide as much information as possible, including the survey link, so we can prevent other users from potentially giving away sensitive information.