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Free unlimited surveys, questions and responses

Creating an effective survey is easier when there are no limits on how many questions you can ask or how many responses you can collect. With SurveyPlanet's basic free account, you never have to worry about limits. Create as many surveys and collect as many responses as you like. Take advantage of all our free online survey features

Unlimited surveys

Whether you're a group of students conducting research for a project, a nonprofit seeking to better understand community needs, or a Fortune 500 company researching a new product line, SurveyPlanet grants every basic user the ability to create unlimited surveys using our free survey tool. Use our free survey maker to create and send as many surveys as you want, as often as you want. There's no limit on how many surveys are available to anyone with a SurveyPlanet free account.

Unlimited questions

Different industries have different needs. One user might need a survey for HR insights or targeted feedback around a recent product push, while another needs to ask 200 questions for in-depth research. However many questions you want to ask in your survey, SurveyPlanet is happy to accommodate you. For those not keen on writing, we have prepared hundreds of pre-written question templates of different question types. Go ahead and send that 300-question survey—our free online survey features have you covered.

Unlimited responses

There shouldn't be a limit on how many responses you collect from your survey. That is why our free survey builder allows your surveys unlimited questions! Get a larger sample group, explore our data export options, and distribute surveys to as many participants as you see fit with SurveyPlanet's free online survey features. We understand the more responses you have, the more insight you gain.

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Take advantage of an unlimited number of questions, surveys, and responses with SurveyPlanet. Create as many surveys or questions as you want. All you need to do is sign up for a free account with SurveyPlanet to start using our free survey creator, which features the best survey tools, and begin creating your surveys.


How many survey responses do I need?

The answer can vary depending on your survey goal. Generally speaking, your target audience are people whose views you're interested in. It could be something broad like the total U.S. male adult population to a specific group of people like female saxophone players in NYC. Roughly speaking, you should think about reaching 20% of your target population. Therefore, if that is 10,000 people and you are willing to accept a 5% statistical error, then for a successful survey you need about 370 survey responses. You can check out our blog to learn about how to analyze survey data and survey responses after collecting surveys.

How many questions can I implement in a survey?

As mentioned, every industry has different needs, and therefore there is no universal answer to how many questions a survey should contain. However, our free survey builder lets you implement as many questions as you need. Unlimited questions are a great feature, but creating too many question can harm the effectiveness of your survey. If you have questions about the optimal length for your survey we have a great blog post on the topic.

How to get more survey responses?

Survey length is an important factor for your success rate and collecting as many completed responses as possible. Keep in mind that lengthy surveys can be quite time-consuming. We recommend reading 11 tips on making an engaging survey before you get started.

Does SurveyPlanet offer survey responses for free?

SurveyPlanet allows you to collect as many responses as you can for free. However we do not provide audiences for your surveys.

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