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Question Branching

SurveyPlanet Pro unlocks dozens of advanced features to enhance survey creation, including the major benefit of implementing online survey question branching. Question branching allows you to control which questions your participants see, based on how they answer previous questions. Create a more personalized survey-taking experience for your participants and streamline your results. Explore how question branching can benefit your next survey.

What is Branching Question and How to Create Online Survey Question Branching

Before you start building out the actual branching for your next survey, first creat every survey question you intend to ask. From there you can start organizing the questions—think of it as an actual tree (hence the “branches”!). Which question has responses that will trigger a discrete path for your survey-takers? Once you know which questions should trigger a new branch, and what questions to nest there, building that flow in the SurveyPlanet question branching feature is simple.

To create online survey question branching, go to the Questions page for your survey and click Question Branching. Select the question from which you want to launch a branch and press New Branch. When the popup appears, you will include all of the conditions and actions for that branch. To add more branching conditions, just click the + symbol. Feel free to add as many branches as your survey needs.

What are Skip Logic Questions and How They can be Useful for Your Survey

Term "Survey skip logic," also known as “ survey conditional questions” or “survey branching logic,” is a survey feature that defines what question is next presented to a respondent, based on how they answered the previous question. According to its answers, a branching logic survey can help you design a custom-made path through the survey for a respondent.

Skip logic surveys can help you focus on specific question types that will provide useful and concrete information, save time, and make a more engaging survey for respondents.

Survey Branching Questions Examples

Question branching lets you control which questions your participants see next according to their previous responses. We advise you to create all survey questions before creating any branches, for the best results.

Here are some Survey Branching Questions Examples that you can use as inspiration or better understand question branching logic.

  • How often do you use our services:
  • Once a week
  • Twice a week
  • Once in a month
  • Never

For every four possible answers, further questions branch to collect additional details. For those who started using services once in a while, the next logical question would be:

  • What type of features do you use? Please select all options that apply.
  • White Label Surveys
  • Kiosk Surveys
  • Survey Results Filtering
  • Enterprise Features

On the other hand, if respondents answered "Never" to the first question, the next question will be different. For example:

  • Why haven't you tried our services yet?
  • I find it expensive
  • I use the same services somewhere else
  • I didn't know it existed
  • Other

Benefits of Question Branching

The possibilities are endless with the online survey with branching logic. If you want to segment responses by gender, you can make your first question a question that branches based on their gender response. Users will be directed to separate sets of questions based on their response, which provides you with an already-segmented set of results from respondent groups all within one survey.

Perhaps you have a question on your survey on which you would like additional insight. Use question branching to trigger additional, deeper questions on the subject if they select a certain response. If you ask a question about their favorite product, for example, branch from there into a line of questions investigating their preferences and why they enjoy that product.

Online survey question branching is also a great way to ensure your participants never see questions to which they don’t relate. You wouldn’t ask participants about their favorite dog toys if their first response indicates they have a cat. Question branching is a way to disqualify respondents who are ineligible to take the survey because of important factors such as relevance or lack thereof. This prevents them from wasting their time taking a survey that doesn’t apply to them.

Try Online Survey Question Branching for Your Next Survey

Gather more information from your surveys by optimizing them with online survey question branching. Utilizing this technique in future surveys will give your participants a better survey-taking experience and give you better feedback. Read further for more details on branching logic here.

Give online survey questions branching a try for your next survey when you become a SurveyPlanet Pro user.

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