Alternative Success URL Redirect

Redirect your participants to your website or social media profile after the survey is completed.

Redirecting your visitors has a few advantages. Sending your customers to your website increases the number of people who visit it. Redirecting a participant to your product page improves the chance of selling items or services offered by your company. Without much work, designers and developers may utilize surveys to promote their web and social media pages.

Redirects and the Survey Success Message

A success message is a message that appears at the end of the survey. This message contains text and an optional image congratulating the user for finishing the questionnaire. The success message is your last chance to communicate with your survey participants so make the most of it. Try reinforcing your brand by adding an image. You could also let your respondents know about a particular product or a social media campaign you have running. If the standard success messaging isn't enough you’ll want to set up an alternative success url redirect.

Success message and redirecting should be well balanced with a delay. The delay needs to be set up according to the time that participants need to read the success message. This way you will be sure that your message gets across without the participants closing the tab. Test it out yourself in the survey preview. See how much time you will need to read the message and then add one or two seconds on top of that and you will have a perfect balance.

How to Set Up The Redirect Message

Redirecting to your page of choice is pretty simple! Just got the Welcome & Success Settings for your survey and enter your URL and the time you want the success message to stay open before the participant is redirected to your page. For security reasons, ensure that the URL you redirect to is https:// and not http://.

An alternative success URL is a pretty useful tool for getting the most out of your survey. Don’t lose out on the potential your survey has to bring people to your website. Use a success message in conjunction with an Alternative Success URL to convey your message as well as a call to action.

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