Custom Survey Themes

Branded, beautiful survey themes at your fingertips.

Custom Themes

Give participants a memorable survey taking experience when you utilize SurveyPlanet’s custom themes option. Custom themes allow you to personalize each survey with a unique, one-of-a-kind feel. Whether you want to stay consistent with your branding or go for something out of the ordinary, our custom themes make any survey look a possibility.

Create Your Own Custom Survey Themes

Every SurveyPlanet user can create a custom theme from scratch to be shared with the community, but only Pro users can apply them to their surveys. Create your own custom survey theme by clicking on the New Theme button to get started.

The custom theme creator gives you access to customize everything from fonts and color to question styles and background styles. The possibilities for customization are endless with our custom theme builder. When you’ve built your first custom theme, click save to keep it handy for future surveys.

Take your custom theme to the next level by taking advantage of our advanced styles option. The advanced styles box allows you to input custom CSS to give your survey the ultimate customization.

Benefits of Creating a Custom Survey Theme

Creating and using your own custom theme has its benefits. To start, if branding is extremely important to your company, creating a custom theme will give your customers a survey that fits seamlessly within your branding guidelines. A survey consistent with your brand will raise the authority of your survey and motivate users to complete it.

Custom themes also allow you to add some flair to your surveys for special occasions. Customize your usual survey format with a nod to seasonal holidays or the subject of the survey. A more customizable survey makes for a better user experience for participants. If they enjoy taking your survey, they will feel more inclined to take another in the future.

In a Hurry? Use Our Premade Themes

Not everyone has the time to create their own custom theme. If you have a survey you need to send out ASAP, take advantage of our wide selection of premade themes. Free users have access to over ten colorful themes while Pro users have access to a bank of beautiful, premade themes. There’s a perfect SurveyPlanet theme for every survey.

Give Custom Survey Themes a Try

Give your customers a more personalized experience when you use custom survey themes for your next survey. Sign up for a free account with SurveyPlanet to start creating your own custom survey theme. Once you’re ready to hit send, upgrade to a Pro account to apply the theme to your next survey.

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