Custom Survey URLs

White-label your surveys with vanity URLs

Creating surveys that have the same look and feel as your brand is called white-labeling. It can include everything from logos, images, themes, and colors. Customizing your survey URL adds another layer, making your survey more cohesive with your brand and purpose.

What is a custom survey URL?

Custom survey URLs are an Enterprise feature allowing for the creation of a unique survey URL. They can be used in multiple ways, the main purpose being the masking of the default SurveyPlanet domain. There are multiple domains to choose from that will better highlight the purpose of the survey, including,, and Use for market and scientific research, for studies of any kind, and for any other type of survey.

Who can use custom survey URLs?

For our most brand-conscious users, vanity URLs are the most sought-after feature. They are useful for anyone creating and sharing multiple surveys and when the white-labeling of links is more favorable to clients. With SurvayPlanet's unique custom survey URLs, you can present a professional image to survey respondents.

Remember, each survey link is unique, so once claimed it’s yours for the life of the survey. Sign-up for SurveyPlanet Enterprise now to use preferred survey URLs.

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