Custom User-Created Survey Themes

Create your own custom theme and give your survey some style

What are custom themes?

With custom themes, you add your own unique personality to your survey. Let your creative juices flow with our easy-to-use theming tool for Pro users! Make custom themes specific to your brand and apply them to all of your surveys. Custom themes are the best way to keep your brand consistent and cohesive throughout all your surveys.

Themes are customized by changing colors, backgrounds, buttons, and text. This gives you the ability to customize your survey layout in detail. You can preview your theme, in real-time, on a PC, tablet, and mobile device.

How are custom themes useful?

With custom themes, you can make sure that your surveys are a part of your brand. Creating a custom survey theme allows you to bridge the gap between the default survey styles and your brand.

Customization is essential if your surveys are a part of a Kiosk campaign where a device with your survey is positioned in a public place. They are also extremely important in embedded surveys. You will want to make sure that the things that you are embedding on your website feel like an integral; part of your website. This is impossible to do without customized themes that speak your brand’s language.

Can I create themes from scratch?

Yes, you can! For those who are a little bit more tech-savvy, there is an option to write your themes in CSS, an easy-to-use programming language for the web. With CSS, the sky's the limit. If you have a front-end developer in your office they will be able to help you out immediately. CSS is a bit more complicated than making a fancy word document or a nice-looking presentation, however, a couple of lines of code go a long way. CSS themes are the most powerful way to customize every detail of your survey.

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