Text Message & Email Survey Completion Notifications

Get notified when someone finishes your survey.

What are email and text survey notifications?

Are you running an important survey and want to know how successful it is? Getting notified by email or text whenever someone finishes your survey will give you a data point to judge success. With SurveyPlanet text and email notifications, you will get regular updates on performance in the preferred time frames you define.

Why are email and text notifications useful?

Anyone bothering to run a survey wants to know how it is performing. Instead of going into the survey editor to ascertain results, you can receive performance updates via text and email. These features can be especially helpful when running a survey with a small number of participants and you have a rough idea of how many responses to expect.

What settings should you use for email and text notifications?

Although it can be pretty useful to have a notification when someone submits their survey, no one wants to receive hundreds of such emails a day. This is why SurveyPlanet offers multiple options for notifications. With email notifications, you can select Never, Immediately, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. We recommend using Immediately and Daily when you are expecting low traffic and using Weekly or Monthly when expecting a lot of traffic.

If you decide to use text (SMS) notifications, then a valid phone number is required. Enter your mobile number in your account settings. You can choose from several notification schedules. As with email notifications, you can choose Never, Immediately, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly, with the same rules applying to text notifications as with email notifications. If you’re expecting a high response rate for your survey don’t choose immediate notifications; the last thing we want to do is bombard you with text alerts. Change your notification frequency and we’ll aggregate your response count into a single message.

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