Survey Results Filtering

Create results filters, get quick and powerful insights

Introducing Survey Results Filtering. This Pro feature lets you filter survey results based on participant answers or response dates. With this tool, you can easily break down your survey results and focus on the specific dynamics of your data. The effects of your filters will populate through all questions in your survey results.

Use Cases

SurveyPlanet online survey tool can help you identify and dig deeper into patterns and trends. That depth can become even more profound when you use our survey results filtering for your analysis.

If you are conducting a customer satisfaction survey, you may find filters helpful to quickly identify your customers’ needs. It will also help you better understand who is satisfied (or dissatisfied) with your products or services. By filtering survey results, you can quickly identify who your repeat customers are or who may recommend your product to their friends.

If you’re part of an HR team keen on getting the most out of staff engagement surveys, filters can help you understand, at a glance, how your employees in a particular department feel about the organization as a whole.

Understand Your Audience

Building a great user experience starts with a solid grasp of what your customers want or like. It is also essential to know how users respond when presented with a particular feature or perk.

Using filters for brand awareness, your organization can more easily discover the demographic attributes or qualities of those who purchase your products or services. You may also find compelling reasons your customers chose one of your competitors' offers over your own.

When you learn about your customers' specific likes and dislikes, needs, and preferences, you are better able to adjust your strategies to compete. Getting actionable insights allows you to think to your future by boosting customer loyalty and growing revenues.

You can use results filtering to emphasize important information or filter out unnecessary information. When you have the correct data, the possibilities are endless.

Organize Your Results

Embedded into the intuitive SurveyPlanet interface that our customers love is this new feature that helps users better organize their survey results.

Filters help you overcome feeling overwhelmed by having too much data. Using filters makes your analysis of a specific piece of data more accessible and quicker since it allows you to zero in on specific patterns found in your data.

Filtering helps organize your data because it helps you to see only the results that meet your criteria. Survey Results Filtering is only available to Pro users.

With SurveyPlanet, you can quickly and easily filter survey results and analyze more in-depth online surveys to make crucial decisions. You can find more information about Results Summary Filtering here.

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