Image-Choice Questions

Bring Your Next Survey to Life with Images!

Image-choice questions are like multiple-choice questions, only the respondent chooses between images instead of text answers. They give you more options and liven things up for participants.

Why use image-choice questions

There are plenty of reasons why you would like to present your participant with an image instead of text. They are clearer and can’t be misread. Also, images are much easier to click on when using a smartphone’s touch screen than fiddling with small checkboxes, thus they will rarely be selected by mistake. Images can also convey more information than a simple line of text.

The best ways to use image-choice questions

There are multiple ways to use image-choice questions in surveys. Here are just a few:

Design choices

If you are not sure about which logo to use, what your website should look like, what your store layout should be, or you want to present your client with multiple design choices, then use image questions. Create image choices that show participants exactly the ideas you want them to choose from.

Visual aid

You are not sure how to describe something with text or how to emphasize the importance of your question choices. A picture is worth a thousand words—use image-choice questions and make choices pop for survey participants!

Ease of use

If surveys are going to people for whom smaller text might be hard to read, such as older people, then use image-choice questions to ensure they understand their answer options. Adding icons can help participants make the most informed choice.

Presentation and promotion

Promote your products with images by using the survey as an opportunity to show off your marketing campaign or logo design. Your next survey is a great opportunity to show potential customers new products before they hit the market.

Image-choice questions should be an option for your surveys for many reasons. Whenever you feel text answers can be swapped out for images, go for it! Make your surveys more engaging and convey your message more clearly. Your surveys will stand out and your participants will enjoy the ease of use you are providing them with.

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