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Use SurveyPlanet Kiosk Surveys for your next trade show, convention, or high-foot-traffic event.

Kiosk surveys are set up on a tablet, computer, or mobile device—and are perfect for all kinds of events with a lot of foot traffic. What makes them stand out from standard surveys is the ability to quickly reload after a respondent completes the process, making it immediately ready for the next person. Kiosk survey mode can be loaded on a tablet that can be handed to people or on a stationary device in a high-traffic area where people can fill out the survey.

Where to Use a Kiosk Survey

Kiosk surveys are best suited for areas where a lot of foot traffic occurs—such as showrooms, trade shows, conventions, fairs, and similar events. Kiosks can also be placed in customer checkout areas and provide a great way to get feedback.

10 Tips For Running a Kiosk Survey

SurveyPlanet has been utilized to manage kiosk surveys for years. Here are some great tips to make your kiosk survey a success:

  1. Bookmark the survey - Bookmark your survey so it’s easy to access. You never know when you’ll need to navigate back to it in a pinch.
  2. Add the survey to your home screen - Many tablets allow you to add a bookmark to the home screen. If you’re not sure how to do this, here's a great place to start.
  3. Full-screen it - When you put your survey on full-screen mode, participants won’t be prompted to click elsewhere—or exit the survey by accident.
  4. Turn off auto-lock - It’s important to ensure your device doesn’t automatically go to sleep or lock after a designated time period.
  5. Plug in your device - Your survey won’t consume much battery, but if it’s going to be a long day it’s best to keep a power supply nearby.
  6. Have a backup - If you can’t plug in your device then have a backup device ready in case your battery drains.
  7. Keep your survey short - Trade shows are busy places, so don’t take up too much of your participant’s time with long surveys.
  8. Disallow other URLs in the browser - On some devices, via parental control, you can restrict the browser to one website and block access to others. Set up your browser so that it only loads the URL for your kiosk survey—participants won’t be able to open other pages. This is available on both Android and iOS devices.
  9. Keep an eye on your survey - Have someone check on it from time to time to troubleshoot. For example, if someone has left a survey half-finished it may need to be reloaded.
  10. Sign up - Open a SurveyPlanet account and get unlimited responses for FREE at your next event.

When Not To Use Kiosk Surveys

Don’t use Kiosk mode when sending surveys via email. This will confuse some participants since the page will reload when they are done and they might think they haven’t completed the survey. Kiosk survey will also not work if you want to use an Alternative Success URL to redirect users to another website. Also reconsider using kiosk mode for longer surveys, since participants might leave mid-survey, which will then require reloading the page manually to restart from the beginning.

Kiosk surveys are a useful tool for both feedback and research. Use your kiosk to better understand the needs and interests of your clients and customers. By following these guidelines, you will be able to set up your kiosk and create an efficient process for collecting and analyzing data. You will be notified via email and/or text message every time someone participates in your kiosk survey and can quickly export the resulting data daily from your kiosk.

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