Optional Comments for Survey Questions

Get better answers by adding or allowing your users to leave optional comments.

Have you ever answered a question on a survey but wished you could give more details about your answer? With SurveyPlanet Pro, we provide both the survey creator and the participants the power to go an extra step with their surveys. By utilizing optional comments for survey questions, the survey creator can ask the participant additional questions, or make comments about the question. Participants can give more insight with just a simple click of the button.

Use Optional Comments to Add Details

The optional comments Pro feature has several uses. One of the primary ways is to provide respondents with additional details to help them better answer the question. Respondents can also use the comment box to explain their answers in more than just a multiple-choice selection. All of this can help you get valuable feedback, responses, and data for your business or brand with minimum resources.

Use Optional Comments to Add Personality

If it's not off-brand, have a little fun with your survey. Use optional comments to add personality to your survey. Get creative by leaving fun little snippets underneath the questions about the company's own opinion about the question. You can also use the optional comments to ask your respondents fun questions related to the initial survey question. This helps you get to know your respondents better while also helping encourage them to finish your survey. Incorporating personality into your survey not only helps your respondents have a good time, but it gives them a memorable experience.

Use Survey Additional Comments to Offer Incentives

It's easy for a respondent to answer a few questions and then suddenly lose interest and close out the survey without completing it. As a way to persuade your respondents to finish what they start, use the comment box as a way to incentivize them. Ask them for their opinions and then make a comment for them to keep going, because they're almost done. If you're offering a giveaway for people who take your survey, use optional comments for survey questions to remind your respondents about their entry to win the prize. The reminder will incentivize them to finish taking your survey, providing you with more data, feedback responses, and results.

What Information Could be Optional In a Questionnaire?

Technically, any information could be given in the optional comments section – from the private information of the respondent to its specific observation. Make comments optional in the open-ended form and get valuable feedback and insights.

additional commenting option is most useful when it is at the end of the structured surveys in the form of open-ended comments. It can increase the response rate and allow respondents to elaborate on the answer.

Don't forget to note which parts of surveys are optional, for example,

  • Name of respondent (optional example)
  • Comments (optional)
  • Do you have any comments on your experience of taking this survey (optional)?
  • How to Ask for Additional Comments In a Survey

    Simply by adding a box for survey comments (optional) or ask the examinees “do you have any comments on your experience of taking this survey (optional)?” you can incorporate an additional commenting option in your structured survey and ask respondents for the more detailed feedback.

    Use Optional Comments to Gain More Insight

    Not only does including an optional comment box for survey questions allow you to connect more with your survey participants, but it also allows you the opportunity to gain more insight. Adding open-ended comments asking survey-takers to give more information about their answers can help you gain even more valuable insight about them. The more responses you receive from your survey, the more powerful it is.

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