Survey Insights

Monitor your survey's performance with live analytics

What are survey Insights?

With survey Insights, you can see multiple statistics related to a survey's performance. The Insights feature allows you to understand how many people the survey reached and how many people completed it, as well as at what point participation began to falter. This feature will also provide a better picture of who your respondents are and where they are located. Survey Insights and other advanced survey tools are offered to Enterprise users.

Insights are a comprehensive tool to up your survey game. It is a powerful tool that helps businesses better understand their respondents, optimize future surveys, and keep a close eye on overall performance and analytics, which is especially useful when managing a large number of surveys.

Enterprise users want to gain as much insight from their surveys as possible. Insights allow you to inspect and analyze results from different angles, assuring that time spent developing surveys and distributing them is a good investment.

The best ways to use Insights

Overall performance and analytics: Insights provides a powerful way to understand the overall performance of your survey. Use it to gain important information and learn from mistakes.

Geo-location: Where your respondents are located can be of the utmost importance. The ability to visualize where participants are clustered is an important feature for marketing and business planning purposes.

Comparison with other surveys and optimization : Use Insights to compare the success of surveys over time, learn from errors, and get a better understanding of what questions respondents are not paying attention to. Learn about the device-usage patterns of respondents and optimize survey formatting to phones or computers, which will make it easier for participants to complete.

Timing: Perhaps you're not sure when to send a survey out? A quick glance at the response rate will provide insights to better understand which month, week, or day attracts the most traffic. Or maybe you're not sure when to push new features or products? Simply correlate your participants' activity with your plans.

The Insights feature is available as part of the Enterprise plan. Upgrade with your team and receive a bulk discounts.

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