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Assign member roles

The best way to collaborate is to ensure that all team members are kept up-to-date and working from the same data. With our Teams feature, you can share surveys and, as the survey owner, assign roles to team members. This feature allows you to authorize team members with read-only or editing privileges. You can also assign admin privilege allowing team members to assign and change the roles of your survey.

This separation of roles is crucial in large work environments while alleviating the need to duplicate or rewrite surveys on another account. Such manual work can be handled with the Teams feature. Every survey shared with team members will be displayed separately and distinguished with a different color in your Survey List. You can quickly find surveys with just two clicks.

The advantages of Teams versus sharing an account

Sharing a single account with colleagues means also sharing the password. This is not recommended, since sharing passwords raises major privacy concerns and can lead to account deletion, changing account ownership, and deletion of results or surveys. The Teams feature allows you to assign roles to team members while specific action sets are only available if the survey owner allows it.

Survey Teams feature allows you to delegate and separate work by a team member's role without worrying about colleagues changing or deleting something by mistake.

If you don't feel like changing roles and assigning tasks, give someone admin access and let them do it instead. You can control roles on each survey, meaning different surveys can have people with different levels of access. This is especially useful with larger teams that use multiple surveys.

If you think Teams will make your life easier and survey experience better, make sure to upgrade to our Enterprise plan!

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