Alternative Success URL Redirect

Automatically redirect your participants to your website, social media profile, or any other page of your choice.

Give your survey some pizzazz by adding images. There are multiple ways to add images into your survey with our survey maker. Images can be added to your welcome or success messaging. You can add a logo to the survey header. You can also add a unique background image by creating custom themes. Finally, use the image question type instead of the standard multiple-choice question.

Add Images to Your Welcome and Success Messaging

With SurveyPlanet Pro, it’s easy to give your participants a welcoming survey experience. Make a great first impression by offering your participants a personalized experience. Greet your participants with a nice picture after they click on the survey link. Once they finish your survey, give them a memorable thank you image as a token of gratitude.

Add a Custom Logo to Your Survey Header

If you want to stand out in the crowd with surveys that are a part of your service, there’s no better way to do it than by creating a survey that feels like it came from your brand. You can incorporate your logo onto every page of the survey with our custom image upload feature. Branding your survey with pictures helps it become more trustworthy for participants, which results in a better response rate. For even more customization options, try SurveyPlanet Pro’s custom themes and white label surveys. If images are not suitable, you can also embed a video to your survey and make it more interactive.

Use Images in Your Survey Questions

Want to ask your participants a question about a specific photo? With SurveyPlanet Pro, you can! A picture is worth a thousand words, so ask questions in your survey with the help of a photo. Using images in your survey questions helps you create a better user experience by asking them in a simpler way. It also helps break up the text throughout your survey.

Upload Images to Stand Out

Add character to your survey and tell your participants a story by uploading images. Whether you have your own images or you want to take advantage of free stock images, adding photos throughout the survey can change the participant’s entire experience. Use images to create a theme around the survey. If it’s the holiday season, complement your survey questions with festive holiday photos to keep your participants feeling jolly. The possibilities are endless with the option to upload images to SurveyPlanet.

Images can take what was once a boring survey and turn it into a journey. Explore all the SurveyPlanet Pro Featuresto start creating meaningful survey experiences.

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